Welcome to Wali-ul-Asr!

Wali ul Asr is a federally registered non-profit organization operating a private school and a variety of other youth-focused services. With three campuses in GTA Central (JK – Grade 12), GTA East (JK to Grade 9) and GTA West (JK – Grade 6) we offer a learning environment which fosters excellence in spiritual and academic development. We aim to develop students who integrate with the larger society as leaders and ambassadors of our beautiful faith Insha Allah. Over the last six years of operations, we have become one of the top schools in the region for Math, Science and English and our first graduating class has been accepted to the University programs in Canada.

Our campuses offer state of the art facilities, highly qualified and dedicated teachers, warm, nurturing and engaging classrooms, safe and secure playgrounds, spiritual and character building activities, extensive extra-curricular activities including martial arts programs and citizenship efforts that benefit the larger Canadian society.

We scored one of the top results in the Region for English and Mathematics and although we are only 0.001% of the student population, 15% of the science projects in the Regional Science fair were submitted by Wali ul Asr students. We are also the only school to have won a prestigious inter-school speech competition for two consecutive years. In the last annual anonymous survey sent to parents, over 97% expressed satisfaction with the school. Finally, we do not deny admission to anyone due to financial reasons.

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